A new osteopathic association
For a new vocational policy

Past efforts to create osteopathy as a new medical profession have not succeeded.

These reasons include:

  • Health policy does not see the need for another medical profession*

  • Osteopathy can already be performed comprehensively by osteopaths who are either physicians or Heilpraktiker1

  • From a professional and legal point of view there is no reason for the osteopath to become a new medical profession if compared to e.g. TCM therapists, acupuncturists, homoeopaths

  • Osteopathy affects many other medical disciplines (paediatrics, orthopaedics, gynaecology, internal medicine, etc.) and is thus difficult to demarcate

  • Germany does not have an officially regulated osteopathic education and exams

  • Previous demands for an official profession profile do not include proposals on how to include an osteopathic profession into the existent medical system of Germany

  • The number of comprehensively educated osteopaths is too small to be a politically relevant variable

Some numbers…
- Practising medical doctors: 357.2002
- Physiotherapists: 136.0003
- Heilpraktiker (alternative practitoners): 35.0003
- Osteopaths: 7.0004

*Press conference held by German government on 6/11/14:“(...) On the issue: „Osteopathic profession“: It is correct that there is not yet an agreed profession profile. Federal government has no intention to create a regulation.“

1 Alternative practitoner
2 Source: Bundesärztekammer (German Medical Council), 2013
3 Source: Health report of the German government, 2011
4 Verband der Osteopathen Deutschland (German osteopathic association, VOD): Estimation from 2014

Why there is a need for hpO
It is time for a new professional policy that acknowledges the facts mentioned above. That stands on safe ground in legal terms. That supports a quality-based and legally-based osteopathy. That wants to preserve osteopathy as a whole and fights against a splitting into osteopathic methods for physicians, parietal osteopathy for physiotherapists and craniosacral osteopathy for alternative practitioners.
In the light of the above hpO came to life, which is not a non-profit organisation, but a professional association.

hpO facilitates Osteopathy as a whole, it informs competent and objective about osteopathy and its application and support a medically performed osteopathy:

  • performed by physicians with osteopathic training, according to the standards defined by the WHO and BAO (Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft Osteopathie)5
  • performed by the physician with osteopathic training, according to the standards defined by EROP

  • performed by Heilpraktiker with osteopathic training, according to the standards defined by the WHO an BAO5

An essential objective of hpO ist the creation of the osteopath as a profession, based on a healing permission and a comprehensive osteopathic education, with primary contact to the patient.

5 Osteopathic umbreally organisation of schools and professional organisations

Berufsvereinigung für heilkundlich praktizierte Osteopathie, hpO.