What we stand for

Vocational policy – based on legal safe ground
Osteopaths must not become open to legal attacks, thus we stand in for osteopathy that is based upon existent legal framework and can hence be performed comprehensively.

Secure the practice of osteopathy
We want to prevent osteopathy from becoming a remedy covered by statutory health insurance companies as it would then be exposed to limitations of its indications and decreasing payment.

Secure the education of osteopaths
We don’t want osteopaths with small-time training und stand for the highest educational and CPD standards, defined by BAO and EROP.

An own professional profile
We request a professional profile based on the Heilpraktiker law. This ensures osteopathic education and performance of osteopaths who are not MDs.

Medical Specialist for Osteopathy
We support the efforts for a medical specialist for ostopathy (MD with specialisation in osteopathy).

Berufsvereinigung fr heilkundlich praktizierte Osteopathie, hpO.